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Keeping West Jordan Kids Healthy In Daycare

keeping-kids-healthyIf you are like most West Jordan parents, you do your best to keep your kids healthy. You take them to your Utah pediatrician for immunizations and vaccinations, teach them good hygiene habits, and try to get them to eat their veggies.

But what about kids in West Jordan daycare centers? Who is making sure children wash hands after using the bathroom and cover sneezes and coughs?

When researching 84043 zip code area daycare providers, ask them about their health and safety policies. Do they require that sick children stay home? Do they clean and disinfect tables and play areas? Do they require frequent hand washing?

Parents of children in daycare can do much on their own. They need to keep up-to-date on kids immunizations in West Jordan and ensure that their children are eating a wide variety of healthy foods to keep their immune system ready for anything that comes their way.

Even with all Utah parents and daycare providers do to prevent it, children will get sick. However, some studies have shown that children in daycare actually get less colds when they’re older than children that stay home. When first attending daycare, children may get sick a lot, but after about one year they often build up immunity, and are sick about as often as their stay-at-home counterparts. I guess the old saying is true (at least in this case): what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

My name is Melanie Green and I promote children’s health in Salt Lake City. I am also the owner of an easy part time Draper home business as a distributor of community. If you are interested in learning how you can own your own children’s health business, give me a call at (801) 272-5355.

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