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Preventing Teen Prescription Drug Abuse In West Jordan

Hello, welcome to my West Jordan children’s health and nutrition blog. Today’s topic is teen prescription drug abuse.

Most West Jordan teens will be offered an illegal prescription medication at one time or another. They are sold at Utah high schools and passed out at teen ‘pharm’ parties. Utah parents should realize that no child is immune. Here are some tips for West Jordan parents from Better Medicine: 1

Start talking about the dangers when they’re preteens. Speak early, often, and clearly.
Stay involved in your child’s life.
Emphasize how misusing medication can destroy relationships and keep him or her from achieving goals, such as getting into a certain college or landing a future job.
Teach your child to say ‘no’ firmly but kindly, give a reason, then change the subject or leave the situation.
Monitor your child’s internet usage for signs of prescription drug involvement.1

West Jordan parents should keep their medications locked away. It is also important to realize that children watch how their mother and father use prescription medications. I encourage all Salt Lake City parents to use prescription meds safely and legally.

1 Robert Williams, MD, “5 Tips for Talking with Your Teen About Medication Abuse,” Better Medicine, July 19, 2012,, accessed on October 1, 2012.