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Healthy Skin for Draper Kids

Hi! Welcome to my Draper children’s health blog. Today’s topic is ‘Healthy Skin for Draper Children.’

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it’s easy to take for granted all that our skin does for us. It is our first defense against germs, it regulates body temperature, it gives us the sense of touch, and so much more. This organ is always hard at work and parents in the Salt Lake City area need to be sure it’s working well for their children.

A common skin problem in our Utah climate is simple irritation. Irritated skin is more likely to crack, which can increase the risk for infection. If your child’s skin is irritated, look around at some of the products in your home that may be causing it. Soaps, detergents, dryer sheets, and other household cleaners all have chemicals and fragrances that can be irritating. Draper parents can try switching brands or reducing use of these products.

Basic skin care for children should include moisturizing after bathing, using fragrance-free products, and practicing good sun protection. If dry skin is an issue for your child, pick up a humidifier at any West Jordan, Draper, or Sandy drugstore and allow it to run in your child’s room while they sleep.

If simple skin irritation can’t be controlled, or if your child develops other skin issues, make sure to take them to your Draper pediatrician.

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