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Salt Lake City childrens vitamins

Between holidays and birthdays, there are plenty of opportunities for gift giving in the Salt Lake City area, so parents are often on the lookout for toys to give at the next big event.

Toys can promote children’s health by stimulating the mind, encouraging imagination, or by getting kidsto move around and exercise. But whatever toy you elect, make sure it is safe.

Next time you are browsing the toy aisle of your favorite Sandy, Draper, or West Jordan department store, here are a few important safety tips to keep in mind.

1. Be sure that you purchase toys that suit the child’s age and abilities. Buying a toy that is meant for older children is a possible safety hazard and should always be avoided.

2. Once you’ve chosen an age-appropriate toy, read all of the enclosed instructions before allowing your kids to play with it.

3. This can be difficult when you have children of differing ages, but you should always make sure that older kids play with toys containing small parts away from younger children, and never allow them to leave the game pieces unattended.

And, speaking of gifts, remember that ribbons and strings should be taken away immediately after a gift or toy is unwrapped.

My name is Melanie Green and I amcommitted to kids health in Sandy. I want to help parents in and around Salt Lake City to raise healthy children and I do this by discussing vital issues in my Children’s Health Blog, such as proper nutrition, immunization schedules, and safety.

Thanks for reading, Salt Lake City parents!

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